Grip Socks for Kids Sport - Just another fad?

Grip Socks for Kids Sport - Just another fad?

Grip Socks for Kids Sport - Just another fad?

Our founder Emma Burke, is always looking for ways to improve the experience that kids have in sport. This was her reason for designing our signature Laceeze bands, that to this day continue to be a best-selling product in the children’s grassroots’ sport space.

As a mum of two football obsessed boys, Emma couldn’t ignore the popularity of grip socks or performance socks being used by so many of the professionals in football and also increasingly by her own children and their team mates too. 

The often terribly fitting kit socks provided in grassroots soccer and rugby were being cut from above the ankle to allow players to wear grip socks underneath. However, after conducting extensive market research, Emma found that many of the grip socks available for children were either over-priced, badly designed or poor quality. Therefore Emma set to developing a grip sock as part of their Defiance by Laceeze clothing range that would be fit for purpose and, most crucially, get the nod of approval from their own children! After over a year of product development and testing, the new Defiance Grip Socks by Laceeze were born and children, their parents and coaches are loving reaping the many benefits that these socks bring to the game. 

blue striped football sock with bottom cut off

Top 10 reasons why Grip Socks are a game changer for children’s sport:

#1 Traditional team soccer socks (especially the ones your kids get supplied in grassroots’ sport) are often slippery and ill-fitting, and can hinder a child's movement on the pitch dramatically. By wearing a quality pair of Grip Socks, the socks are not moving around so your child can manoeuvre with ease and confidence. 

#2 Unwelcome movement in the boot from slippy football socks can cause friction and this often results in blisters. Painful blisters are no fun for anyone, especially children. The fitted grip socks, by their very name, provide grip and support inside the boot. Less blisters = more smiles. 

 #3 Better fitting socks provide more traction in the boot. This extra grip helps kids when weaving in and out of the opposition players. We can’t promise more goals this season but at least your kids will be able to focus on their training or match, rather than what is happening inside their boots!

 #4 Playing sport without boots is much more comfortable with grip socks. If your child enjoys playing soccer recreationally without boots or trainers, then grip socks provide a great happy medium. They can toughen up their feet without the usual problems of going barefoot or wearing thin socks. 

 #5 Less bumps and scrapes. It’s impossible to watch any grassroots' sport without watching children fall over. It’s the nature of the game. Thankfully grip socks' lock your feet in and therefore the chance of your child falling over declines steeply. Again, they are kids and they will trip over, but at least it won’t be because of their slippy socks!

#6 Our Defiance Grip Socks are made from a more durable material than you will normally get in traditional football socks. Therefore they will last longer from normal wear and tear. This makes them great value for money on a cost per wear basis. 

#7 Less soggy feet! Most good quality grip socks are designed with materials that can absorb moisture very well, and this is how they can help to keep your kid's feet dry.

#8 Increased ball control. Wearing grip socks can help boost ball control; as well as improve their ability to run, jump, and change direction in a split second. Quicker reaction times and agility on the pitch, will go towards improving both training and match performance.

#9 Grip socks are not just for soccer. Grip socks, whilst acknowledged as hugely popular in grassroots’ soccer, are also being increasingly used for Rugby, Martial Arts, Gymnastics and many other children’s sports. This makes them a great birthday gift or stocking filler for Christmas for any sporty child. Our team bundle options are also perfect for coaches looking for a gift for their players.

#10 Improves confidence. Many children who have bought grip socks from us have said it has helped improve their overall confidence on the pitch and that in turn has helped them play better. We aren’t marketing them as superhero socks just yet but we did consider it! 

That’s your top 10 reasons why we think Grip Socks are a game changer for children’s sport. Don’t just take our word for it though try them for yourself