DEFIANCE - The story behind the brand

DEFIANCE - The story behind the brand

DEFIANCE - The story behind the brand

The act of Defiance – to persistently overcome your limits, obstacles and challenges”.

The brand Founder Emma Burke, is always on the look out for the latest trends and best in market products for her sport mad sons’ and customers. Despite sports’ clothing being a relatively saturated market, she felt very few brands designed primarily with kids in mind. Children’s products were often the after-thought for big adult brands and prices were top heavy for the junior market.

3 grip socks black, white, blue


Unity after adversity

Inspired by the nation’s act of collective defiance and patriotism against terrorism, after the tragedy of the Manchester bombing in May 2017 in England, the idea behind the brand name ‘Defiance’ for a range of active clothing and children's sports accessories was born. Emma hoped that her continued commitment to junior grassroots’ sport would help empower more children to follow a more positive path in life.

child wearing defiance compression top & shorts, with foot on a ball

Laceeze & Defiance Clothing Owner, Emma Burke comments; “The word ‘Defiance’ for me symbolises strength, unity and determination. The nation’s reaction to the tragic act of terror at the Ariana Grande concert really inspired the thinking behind the brand. These defiant qualities are also representative of the criteria displayed by elite sportsmen and women. Something that I feel passionately should be filtered down to grassroots’ sport for children. I believe this mindset is cultivated at a young age. I will also never forget my beginnings and that’s why the Defiance logo gives a nod to my parent brand Laceeze (where it all started for me) with the back to back E and F boldly displayed in red.”

Empowerment for children in sport

Emma hopes that, by wearing any of the Defiance range, children will feel more empowered and inspired to do their very best, even when the odds might be against them. Whether that’s physical, mental or practical challenges. The famous Laceeze campaign hashtag #dontstopthegame also applies to all the Defiance range too.

Looks good, does good

As with the Laceeze bands, every direct purchase of Defiance clothing made on the brand website will give back to the grassroots’ community through donations. A donation from every product sale will go towards supporting children/clubs and teams to help them continue to play sport.

The Defiance range is constantly evolving and now includes outfield gloves, baselayers, beanies, grip socks, sports’ towels, kit bags and with many more exciting products in development - it’s a case of watch this space!

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